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Thank you for your interest in learning about the many different versions of the HotelGuide Network® service, one of the world's most trusted brands in the hospitality industry. We've created each version of our product for a specific reason, and we'd like to take a moment here to help you understand which version may be best for you.

People looking for hotel and travel information have a variety of needs and preferences. The HotelGuide staff is working to meet these needs by creating and evolving our hotel directory into multiple versions. One of the truly wonderful things about digital publishing is that information can be reformatted and represented in a wide variety of looks and functions. Empowered by a sophisticated technology known as MetroManager, we've created a variety of sites to account for browser incompatibilities, bandwith constraints, different languages and even visual impairments. To learn more, simply scroll down the page or follow one of the links below.


Our original version.

The sites of The HotelGuide Network are intended to be compatible with the widest variety of browser types possible. HotelGuide has always emphasized ease-of-use, with a simple organization by hotel location and alphabetical order.
Language: HTML 3.2
Tech Note: We use limited "Cascading Style Sheet (CSS)" technology to set the page font to the sans-serif family, but in general most browsers from the 3.x series and non-CSS browsers will be able to see the site legibly.

de Hoteles

For our Spanish-speaking readers.

Guía de Hoteles debuted as the Internet's first comprehensive Spanish-language hotel directory coupled with online reservations capability. The site showcases the power of our MetroManager technology to manage pages not just in different computer languages, but in different human languages as well.
Language: HTML 3.2
Tech Note: Whereas multiple languages are available on the web using machine translations of existing English content, the words of these automatic translations are often garbled or worse. This version of our site, on the other hand, was written from the ground up in Spanish, by native Spanish speakers.


The leading edge. is where HotelGuide goes to experiment with new technologies. The latest experiment was to build a site using XHTML tags instead of HTML tags. We've learned what we needed to learn, and we're now in the process of taking those lessons and incorporating them into the original HotelGuide Network site. The next time HotelGuide is getting ready to stage a new version, we'll showcase it first on for testing. Stay tuned.


Less Graphics for Faster Downloads.

This version of HotelGuide presents the same basic information as the "full" version, but reduces or eliminates certain graphic elements to improve the performance of the site for users who have slower Internet connections. Many sites on the Internet have become so graphic-intensive that they are a burden for folks without access to broadband connections. This insensitivity to people's overall online experience inspired us to create our Express version. Road warriors and those using services like wireless modems in particular will appreciate having a version of the site that's appropriate for the available connection speed. Pick the "full" version or the Express version: it's your choice!
Language: HTML 4.0
Tech Note: We worked hard to strip away unnecessary bytes whenever we could. We rely more heavily in this version on CSS to remove as much formatting from the page as possible. We've also removed many end-tags in places where they are not technically necessary to render the page in a typical browser. Accordingly, this version may not display properly in older browsers or some of the less-mainstream browsers. We'd love to get your feedback on any display problems you may have with the Express HotelGuide.


Mobile Hotel Information on the Go.

This version of HotelGuide is available via cell phones and other devices that have WAP and microbrowser capability. To view the WapHotelGuide version, you will need a WAP-enabled device, or emulator.
Language: WML 1.1
Tech Note: WML is a standard based on XML, so the research work involved with XHotelGuide and WapHotelGuide follow a similar path.


Text-Only and Easy to Read.

Have you noticed how cluttered some of the sites on the Web have become? Three or four columns of tiny text compete with each other for ever more scarce space on the screen. In the rush to pack and cram more and more stuff (typically more and more advertisements), the designers of the web seem to have forgotten about ease-of-use, particularly for individuals who may have visual impairments or other reasons for not wanting to stare at someone's micro-text. The HotelText version of HotelGuide will work to redress this imbalance by creating a graphics-free hotel directory that is easy to read with a layout that is easy on the eye.
Language: (Under Development)
Tech Note: This version may include some features of CSS that allows flexibility and user choice in the page layout based on the user's needs.

Thank you again for your interest in learning about the different versions of HotelGuide. We've worked hard over the years to produce an original, easy to use series of sites that give you, our readers, a choice in how you want to receive travel and lodging information. Using different versions, layouts and distribution platforms, expect that in the future you'll be able to receive HotelGuide anytime, anywhere and in any format you choose.

We're honored to have you as a HotelGuide Network guest and we hope you'll visit (the version of your choice) often.

The HotelGuide Team

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