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“Bringing together quality hotel listings
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Thank you for your interest in learning more about the HotelGuide.Network® service, part of the MetroGuide.Network family of local and travel sites. With over 65,000 profiles of hotels, the HotelGuide.Network service is recognized worldwide as a leading publisher of hotel information and unbiased reader reviews. HotelGuide's goal is to allow our readers to make quick, informed decisions about hotel choices in their destination. Once a reader has selected a hotel, our service then includes, as a convenience, links to online hotel reservations systems, both to individual hotels and national discount services.

What Makes the HotelGuide Website Different?

We Focus on the Facts

HotelGuide is a publication, not just another "discount" reservation service. Our primary purpose is to provide our readers with quick summaries of hotel information that readers can search for by specific criteria, such as "Orlando hotel with pool and concierge." As a convenience to our readers, we gladly provide specific links to top hotel reservation services with which we maintain a relationship, but those relationships do not influence our editorial judgment on how to present our hotel information or reader reviews.

You Can Make Direct Contact

We don’t hesitate to list hotel phone numbers and other contact information. Strange as it sounds, this is nearly unheard of in the industry! Have a look around the Internet -- sites run by reservation services and search engine spammers do everything they can to hide the direct contact numbers of the hotels. Unlike so many others, we trust our readers to make an informed decision if they want to book a hotel room recommended by us, and we don’t mind at all if you book direct with the hotel. Ask yourself why other "discount" hotel sites are so afraid to do the same.

We Make It Comprehensive

We want you to find the right hotel for you. The HotelGuide service is the world’s largest, independently produced hotel database. Our listings come from our own extensive research and from direct submissions by hotel managers. The information we present is our own, not something regurgitated and repackaged from a mere hotel reservation service.

We Keep It Independent

Our database of hotels is independent of any one reservation service. Hotel listings presented in the HotelGuide publication are not derived from a reservation source such as a single Global Distribution System (GDS) database. Most importantly, a hotel does not have to participate in any reservations system to get a listing in our guide service.

We've Got A Passion for Accuracy

We don't want to be the biggest at the expense of being the best. The HotelGuide service's longevity, depth of information, dedication to detail, and focus on our readers help us stand out with great pride as one of the world's leading hotel publications. The HotelGuide service combines the power of sophisticated technology with the human touch of real-world editors who care passionately about presenting accurate, complete hotel information.

Our History

The HotelGuide service has a long and distinguished history as one of the world's pioneering electronic hotel directories. Beginning in 1992, HotelGuide's founder started with a vision of a comprehensive, digital hotel listing service whereby consumers would be able to access complete, unbiased information about hotels regardless of whether the service sold reservations for that hotel. The publication was called HotelGuide, and it first went live on a series of public touch screen kiosks (called TouchGuide®) in South Florida in 1993. Over the years, many Internet sites have come and gone that claim to be the single source for "hotels", but there's only one HotelGuide. Unlike so many others, we've been around for awhile, and you can count on us to be there for you in the years to come.

Our Mission

HotelGuide's goal is to be the single source for hotel research for consumers around the world. We want our readers to rely on us for detailed and accurate hotel information when and where they need it and to be able to post and read reviews. To achieve our goal, we will use as many technologies and platforms as possible to distribute our product to the widest possible audience. In addition, as a service to property managers, we will provide the ability to maintain the accuracy of their records in a convenient and timely manner. As a service to our readers, we will seek out appropriate and relevant opportunities to book hotels and other related products.

Who We Are, Inc. is is the publisher of numerous guides such as HotelGuide, LodgingGuide, EventGuide, NightGuide, RetailGuide, DiningGuide, AttractionsGuide and many more. We are not a seller of travel. is a world leader in contextual commerce based on metropolitan-oriented content. More information about us is available at our website.

How it works

HotelGuide's staff relies on certain key technologies to enable our publication and our business. The MetroManagerSM software package gives us the ability to maintain and distribute large quantities of hotel information. Property managers are able to submit and update their information with MetroManager using a variety of means, including electronic forms. Another proprietary technology, ContextManagerSM, selects appropriate commercial opportunities based on the context of the information being presented by MetroManager. It sounds complicated, but the principle is simple: if you are reading the "Cancun HotelGuide", for example, we will present to you information about Cancun hotels in conjunction with the ability to do relevant things like purchase a Cancun vacation, reserve a hotel on the beach, make a restaurant reservation and rent a car at the airport. Our method is to link the best commerce opportunity with the best content, allowing you, our reader, to make the best possible choice. And if your choice at any time is merely to look rather than book, we're pleased to have provided you with the information and hope you'll return again the next time you need a hotel.

The Future

From the very first day, HotelGuide has been an innovator, and you can expect us to be a source of continual innovation in the years to come. We've created several different Although our most successful distribution method is on the web, the MetroManager software package enables us to distribute our content across multiple platforms, such as cell phones, PDA's, iTV and more. To bring you the best products and services, we are working with a growing list of partners. When it comes to finding the best travel accommodations anywhere in the world, look for the HotelGuide service to be Your Single Source For Hotel Information.

We thank you for your patronage.

The HotelGuide Team

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